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How Do You Want to Begin Your Journey of Taking Control of Your Life?

If you're a entrepreneurial woman who's been delayed by a toxic relationship, then you've found where you belong.

You will find information to help you grow beyond where you are stuck – specifically:


Relationship with Yourself

You’re done being who everyone says you should be, how you should be, what you can be. 

You want to push past limits but can’t.

You are your own worst enemy and are seeking freedom!

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Relationship with Intimate Others

You love being in community.

 You know that they, “others,” are capable of taking responsibility

for their own lives

 and you don’t want to be left doing their work

just because you are so strong.

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Relationship with Purpose

You want to live a life that feels right to you

and make a sustainable income

that frees you to live life as an Inspired lifestyle

not a day to day existence

being bogged down making ends meet.

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September 13, 2021

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what our customers are saying


Before I worked with Lana I had a hard time making decisions and seeing my self-worth. 

In my sessions with Lana we uncovered the sources of my problems.

I have met myself again. I have fallen in love with myself and realize that the person I used to know or thought I was all these years wasn’t me. 

I finally realize that I deserve the best in life and I demand it.


/ Marketing Specialist


Lana has a strong intuition that separates her from most of our fellow coaches. I like how she relies upon her intuition to guide you rather than logical/left brain thinking. This gives Lana the ability to make very insightful observations without judging. There is also a comfortable and yet direct manner in which Lana approaches people. I find that opening up to her and sharing personal things with her is very easy.  Lana is a good listener.  Very intuitive.  Her manner is warm and inviting, making it easy to share with her. She is true to her heart and isn’t afraid to share it with the world.

Mikita Orosz

Coach, Owner & Founder of


In a session with Lana, I told her that I had a very important phone call to make, which would probably lead to a large opportunity in my business. However, I was stalling on making the call because of some fears.

Lana led me through an exercise that helped me to see the possible “pains” that I was avoiding by not making this phone call. 

By making this one call, I brought more than $1,800 into my companyand began working with 2 highly influential and fun clients.

Ava Waits

Speaker, Sales Trainer, Entrepreneur, Owner Founder of

Free 2 Three is Best For:

Women desiring to strengthen the relationship they have with themselves.

Learn how to grow from building a healthy relationship with yourself.

Are you creative


and driven to succeed & Ready to Stop Hiding?

then you're home.

Female Entrepreneurs struggling in difficult relationships with a lover, children, other family or friends.

Learn How to have deep meaningful relationships with others and still maintain your autonomy aka your own self.

Beginner Entrepreneurs

Learn How to get into flow and stay inspired and motivated to create.

DIYER'S, Scrappy Entrepreneurs.

And Of Course ~~FREE DIY Marketing and Business Tips, Tutorials and Training, or Done For You Marketing Help from my Virtual Solutions Agency or Personal & Business Coaching Services.

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