Growth Through Self

Are You Ready to be Seen?

                                       Are You Ready to Be Commented On?

                                                                                      Are you Ready to Be True to Yourself?


TRUTH:  You don’t need fixing. You just need unveiling.


Who You Are

You are a talented, ambitious, extraordinary, self-starting woman who somehow allowed yourself to get trapped into ‘an all-too-ordinary’ life.

You want to grow into the independence and freedom of personal choice that is your own.

You are desperately seeking yourself and you are So… DONE with being WHO everyone says you Should be, HOW everyone say you Should be and WHAT everyone says you Can be.

You know that you were meant for more and want that extraordinary woman deep within you to be on the outside of you…but it feels like your reality is never going to match the person within you who is yearning to be released.

It’s very likely that you also see the future as a TICKING CLOCK OF PERSONAL FAILURE and are in a deep panic over your life.

One thing is for sure… you know that you are oh so tired of something going on in your life and you want it to change.


What Your Challenges Tend To Be

You are Highly Sensitive and the way this has worked out for you is that too often others have been able to define you.

And though you’ve resisted, it seems as if it is their opinion(s) about you that has stuck.

You feel caged. You want to push past your limits but you can’t and there is a knowing inside you that says, “I am hiding.”

You are afraid…afraid you are not ready yet, afraid you are not enough. Scared to try because if you do, you may fail or be humiliated beyond the ability to recover.

You fear being rejected and abandoned and left all alone. But…why is the question? For you are so very talented beyond belief…you know this, so why do you often feel insecure, powerless and helpless…as if you are opposed to your own self?

Emotions such as shame, doubt and guilt can be overwhelming at times.

Habits like avoidance, procrastination and perfection paralysis have created cycles of starting and stopping and starting again for you and you don’t make the progress you want.

You want to be CONFIDENT, feel POWERFUL and to have SUCCESS but you feel as if you have missed the success train.

So as much as you have tried…and you have really tried, you can’t get as far as you would like. You are your own worst enemy and you hate this.

It doesn’t help that you have been told several times that you are too sensitive and need to toughen up.

Now that you have toughened up, you have lost your sense of play.

You want to be yourself and really enjoy life.

You want to explore. Explore yourself, other people and other lands.

Your way of being has unconsciously guarded you and is really taking a toll on you and it’s time for you to become Free to Thrive…


What You Need Most Right Now

Your primary focus needs to be on Self Recovery. Meaning: ”Self-Knowing, growth and potential.”

Self Recovery is all about reconnecting with yourself and developing yourself into the magnificent creation God designed your for.

And Self Recovery will bring the clarity and resiliency you need to live the ExtraOrdinary life you crave.

Life is complex and you seriously need to learn how to keep moving forward on things that are hard to dig into to.

At the same time, it’s important to look at how you are being in your relationships so that you can prepare to be your whole self in relationship with others and be able to be TRUE to YOURSELF.

Very painful experiences and losses in my life have positioned me to help you learn how to be present with yourself and rediscover your infinite worth so that you can like, love and accept yourself and be free of tormenting self hatred, stop frustrating self sabotage and become the ExtraOrdinary women that you know you are.


Ready to Give Up the Struggle Right Now?

These FREE resources will support you immediately in addressing what needs to happen in your life right now at an intellectual, emotional, and soul/spirit level so that you can begin reclaiming your Powerful Self.


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CLICK LINK:  Online Training- How to Unmask FEAR


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What Clients are Saying.


 Opening up to her and sharing personal things with her is very easy

Lana has a strong intuition that separates her from most of our fellow coaches. I like how she relies upon her intuition to guide you rather than logical/left brain thinking. This gives Lana the ability to make very insightful observations without judging. There is also a comfortable and yet direct manner in which Lana approaches people. I find that opening up to her and sharing personal things with her is very easy. She listens to people with empathy and then ask them pragmatic questions. She is able to balance her intuition, spirituality, and “soft touch” with practicality, honesty and “toughness.”

Mikita Orosz, Weston, FL 


The Self Recovery Program(s) you’ll thrive in…