Growth Through Creativity

TRUTH:  How you feel about yourself determines how you will do things.


Who You Are

You are driven, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. You love accomplishment, the feel of accomplishing gives you a rush. You are a responsible hard-working person. You hold yourself to a high standard. You actively seek opportunities for growth. You’re successful in many areas of your life but not in the areas you want most right now.

You want to live a life that feels right to you and make a sustainable income that frees you to live an Inspired lifestyle instead of your current day to day existence of being bogged down making ends meet.


What Your Challenges Tend To Be ( take the short cut: click-quiz)

You feel off course.

You feel lost, lonely, sad, unaccomplished, under-experienced and have the feeling of failing at life.

Though you are a go getter…If you are really being honest here, you would admit that you FEAR putting yourself out there.

You worry about what other people think and fear rejection, so, as a result you:

Don’t take action, Don’t try new things, Don’t chase your dream.

Ironically though, you have a fear of being mediocre and a life half-lived is just not acceptable to you.

Here again the Pattern shows up: Your way of visibly showing up in life has been controlled by ‘other’s’ influence…way too much.

It’s very likely I will find you are in one of two scenarios below:

You are on the road of life, cruising along and passing all the major milestones right on cue. (doing what others said you should do).

You may have everything you thought you wanted but are finding that life is out of balance despite the trappings of success and what you have accomplished is not bringing you the fulfillment you expected. Instead you only feel numb.


You feel like you have missed the success train. Are in a deep panic over the “by 30” items you are so so far away from achieving. You are certainly not this cubicle girl you’ve turned out to be…you want out of this, it is so not freedom.

Whether You have it all together and can say you checked off your “by 30” to do list or haven’t come the least bit close to living the life you thought you would by now…you are really really overwhelmed with your life right now and want to grow into independence and freedom of personal choice.

You want to be free to do the work you love if you could know what that is. Uncovering what you really want for your life is very likely tentative and slow going right now.

Or you may know exactly what you want to do but just haven’t gathered up the courage to pursue it or have tried and failed and are a little gun shy to try again.


Here’s something else… Perhaps you are thinking that if put yourself into any one idea it’s not going to be what you want and you fear you would have wasted your time…time you can’t get back?

All of this leaves you feeling a little skeptical that passion joy and certainty are ever going to be a part of you.

One thing is certain though:

(If given proven tools and strategies that work, you would absolutely do what it takes to transform YOURSELF into the EXTRAORDINARY person you know that you are.


What You Need Most Right Now

Primary focus needs to be on allowing yourself the freedom to be you.

You have right now EVERYTHING you need to be Confident, Powerful, Successful and Happy.

It’s all about growing into yourself and becoming who you are and not who someone told you are or could or should be.

You must find out how to Uncover what you want to change and then learn how to move yourself into action while being supported to sustain your forward movement.

Next you need to gain clarity about what you want to change, what it is you are really after so that you can engage God,  the forces people call the Universe.

VERY IMPORTANT: A requirement for all action is desire.  You can’t break through and change your life until you have tapped into your desire energy so you must learn about and honor your PLEASURE.

now if you have bought into the lie that Pleasure is bad… then you will certainly be stuck in life and continue choosing from outside yourself what is or is not for you.

You absolutely must learn how to let go of your narrowed view of yourself and release yourself from your current competencies and inadequacies – past and present.

Your creative expression that is pulling you forth.

As a Self Recovery Expert, I can help you move yourself and your life to the next level, you’ve been trying to do this on your own, but you just don’t know how.


These FREE resources will support you immediately in addressing what needs to happen in your life right now at an intellectual, emotional, and soul/spirit level so that you can begin reclaiming your Powerful Self.



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What Clients are Saying.



Brought in more than $1,800 after only 1 session!

In a session with Lana, I told her that I had a very important phone call to make, which would probably lead to a large opportunity in my business. However, I was stalling on making the call because of some fears.

Lana led me through an exercise that helped me to see the possible “pains” that I was avoiding by not making this phone call. She also listened as I listed out all of the things that I would probably gain by diving into this opportunity. I told her that I would make the phone call that evening, and I did, even though it required that I step out of another event.

By making this one call, I brought more than $1,800 into my companyand began working with 2 highly influential and fun clients. This new opportunity has also helped to increase my confidence in the types of clients that I work with, and now I see a much bigger vision for my company. I am very grateful to Lana for helping me feel the courageto move forward.

Ava Waits, Olympia, WA

Ava Waits ~ Helping entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs “Feed the Source of Their Success”

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