Before I worked with Lana I had a hard time making decisions and seeing my self-worth. I frequently experienced guilt and shame throughout the day.  I was a chronic people pleaser who took to heart what other people said about me and lived my life based on their perceptions.  I was also afraid of other people’s anger and feared standing up for myself because I didn’t want to be perceived as a stereo- typical angry black woman. So I stuffed my emotions way down and suffered the cost.


One stronghold that brought particular shame in my life was the belief that I was ugly. I truly thought I would never get away from this “reality.” “I am ugly,” “I am ugly,” rang in my heart and mind all day long and worse people confirmed it with their mean words and actions. I didn’t feel worthy of love.


At the time I began working with Lana I had a hard time managing stress. I had become a new mother and was finding it increasingly harder to deal with the old problems that existed in my life let alone the new ones that were cropping up.


One thing I knew for sure is that I wanted my son to value himself and not be controlled by other people’s opinions like I was, so I knew I had to do something different that worked! I had tried therapy for years and nothing was improving. Not even with different therapist.


In my sessions with Lana we uncovered the sources of my problems. She helped me identify the specific incident and events where the negative seeds were sowed and then assisted me with seeing the truth of those experiences. We deconstructed the strongholds that had resulted from those painful events, and I released myself from the prison I had held myself in.


What was so intriguing is that I hadn’t considered particular incidents to be as important as they were; some were so painful that I didn’t feel that I could touch them. Lana’s intuition picked up on the things I was dismissing and her gentleness gave me the strength to endure examining the painful experiences that I had tried to forget.


She carefully led me through surfacing the painful memories I had hidden away. I was able to trust these secrets with her. I needed her strength to pick up on what I couldn’t see and to venture into areas that my subconscious had fought to keep closed. Now because we did, I am free and working on staying that way.


Now those experiences serve me instead of defeat me. And we are not even half way through the coaching program yet!!!


I have met myself again. I have fallen in love with myself and realize that the person I used to know or thought I was all these years wasn’t me. I finally realize that I deserve the best in life and I demand it.


I give myself permission to celebrate myself and I am comfortable with self acceptance.  I can handle stressful situations much better and making up my mind is easier. I am learning how to manage the mental chatter that goes on in my mind.


Where I used to need other people’s permission to like myself, those days are over! Now what I think and feel about myself is what matters. I can look in the mirror and express self appreciation.


I used to feel powerless to change my circumstances now I am manifesting things that I desire and have started deliberating creating my life.


I no longer have a hard time saying what I think and feel. I have a growing healthy self esteem and stand up for myself and am empowering my family members


I am determined to use my natural born gifts and have confidence to do so.


I still have down days but the frequency is decreasing and I recover much quicker. I have real hope and high expectations for the future.


If you are thinking about hiring Lana, DO! It will be one of the best decisions you will have made. She is great at what she does. She is passionate about her work. She is extremely personable and approachable.


She cares about you! I love how she is current and up to date on the latest techniques and information and is continually increasing her knowledge. I feel heard, understood, respected, honored, and capable. I know I can bare my soul and not be judged and that I am safe with her.


Like I said,  I’ve seen several therapist and the difference is that they made me feel looked down upon and like a basket case that needed help. I leave each session with Lana feeling empowered, worthwhile, uniquely beautiful and awesome. I have all the answers within me and am learning how to tap into them. Working with Lana has definitely made it so that I am FREE 2 Thrive.

Kassie Brown, Richmond, VA



 I knew something wasn’t right, but I didn’t understand what was happening to me

Before I worked with Lana. I wasn’t sure what was going on in my marriage. I was very confused, hurt and felt alone. I knew something wasn’t right, but I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I didn’t get it. Lana and 3 really good books, helped open my eyes!! Some of the books were included in theRecovered Rachel/Rob Coaching Program.

As a result of our time together, I figured out what the “it” was. It was verbal abuse I had been experiencing. l will never allow or accept it in my life again!!  I’m growing healthier and strongereveryday. Lana has really helped me start the healing process.

Lana is very easy to talk to.  She is kind, compassionate and very supportive.  She helps you follow after peace, and to listen to your gut feelings. (your intuition).Lana makes you feel hopeful about the future, even if you don’t know what the future may hold. She will also give you confidence in your decisions.
Lisa McAllister, Michigan




Brought in more than $1,800 after only 1 session!

In a session with Lana, I told her that I had a very important phone call to make, which would probably lead to a large opportunity in my business. However, I was stalling on making the call because of some fears.

Lana led me through an exercise that helped me to see the possible “pains” that I was avoiding by not making this phone call. She also listened as I listed out all of the things that I would probably gain by diving into this opportunity. I told her that I would make the phone call that evening, and I did, even though it required that I step out of another event.

By making this one call, I brought more than $1,800 into my company, and began working with 2 highly influential and fun clients. This new opportunity has also helped to increase my confidence in the types of clients that I work with, and now I see a much bigger vision for my company. I am very grateful to Lana for helping me feel the courage to move forward.

Ava Waits, Olympia, WA

Ava Waits ~ Helping entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs “Feed the Source of Their Success”


I now have a Plan and my back pain was eased!

A few years ago, I was approaching retirement with no plan.  I had some ideas but no direction.  That is when Lana and I began our sessions.She helped me to put on paper my ideas, wishes, and dreams. I was then able to see what it would take to set goals and the plan to see them become reality.

The most important thing I learned was that I had needed a life coach much earlier in my life! I had just drifted along with no plan to get where I wanted.  I just let life bring me along and hoped I would get what and where I wanted.

Talking with Lana was easy. She is a good listener and not judgmental or condemning. She helped me think and put on paper what I wanted and what it would take to make my goals become reality or to be more realistic.

The relaxation techniques she taught me have helped ease back pain that has been interfering with my life.

The present economy has derailed some of my plans but thanks to Lana,I have learned how to think things out to reset goals and the steps to take to achieve them.

Marjorie Schramm, Tampa, FL


I felt listened to and safe to share!

It is easy to open up and share when speaking with Lana.  She has this knack for creating a safe environment so people feel comfortable being themselves.

She is a big confidence booster.  It was beneficial for me to discuss ideas with her because she always offered valuable feedback.  She did it in a way that made me feel very comfortable.

Lana is a good listener.  Very intuitive.  Her manner is warm and inviting, making it easy to share with her.  She is true to her heart and isn’t afraid to share it with the world.

Lana has a tremendous heart.  She has a desire to be the best she can be.  She is a lifelong learner, always seeking knowledge.

Lori Tinsley, Atlanta, GA

 Opening up to her and sharing personal things with her is very easy

Lana has a strong intuition that separates her from most of our fellow coaches. I like how she relies upon her intuition to guide you rather than logical/left brain thinking. This gives Lana the ability to make very insightful observations without judging. There is also a comfortable and yet direct manner in which Lana approaches people. I find that opening up to her and sharing personal things with her is very easy. She listens to people with empathy and then ask them pragmatic questions. She is able to balance her intuition, spirituality, and “soft touch” with practicality, honesty and “toughness.”

Mikita Orosz, Weston, FL