How Do You Want To Begin Your Journey of Taking Control Of Your Life ?

You’re done being who everyone says you should be, how you should be, what you can be. You want to push past limits but can’t. You are your own worst enemy and are seeking freedom!

You love being in community and know that they, “others,” are capable of taking responsibility for their own lives and you don’t want to be left doing their work just because you are so strong.

You want to live a life that feels right to you and make a sustainable income that frees you to live life as an Inspired lifestyle not a day to day existence being bogged down making ends meet.

Hello and Welcome to Free 2 Thrive, I’ve been waiting for you.


If you’re Discerning, Focused, Highly Sensitive and Ready to Stop Hiding then you have found where you belong. You will find information to help you grow beyond where you are stuck.

I see you. You’re creative, innovative, entrepreneurial, and driven to succeed. You’ve had a very difficult time getting out of the confined image that others have boxed you in and are desperately seeking yourself. You strive to grow and put your “real” self out there, yet you Keep Playing It Safe. Yep…I’ve been there.

For “years” I struggled with feeling and being fearless. I constantly lived my life with one foot on the gas and the other foot on the brake. FRUSTRATING! And Hiding…OMG!

So if you’re a hustler going after what you want and loving it, yet you keep holding yourself back. I get you.

Now very likely there’s a BIG Question echoing in your heart:

How Can I Be True To Myself?



What I might catch you saying (or thinking):

  • I start by believing that anything is possible
  • Some people find me a little hard to read. I have some weird fears and anxiety, like around gift-giving… I worry what if the person doesn’t like it, and then it’s a waste of money?
  • I’m intense, ready for battle, focused, articulate, and have a definite maverick/f.u. attitude.
  • I need people, desperately, but hate them too.
  • As an excellent ‘troubleshooter,’ I foresee problems. I can become defensive, evasive, and anxious—running on stress while complaining about it.
Growth Through Self

To grow from building a healthy relationship with yourself.

Growth Through Relationships

Learn how to have deep meaningful relationships with others and still maintain your autonomy.

Growth Through Creative/Entrepreneurial Expression

Learn how “you” get into flow and stay inspired and motivated to create.