I’m excited for you. 

You’ve made a powerful choice to become more aware of the decisions that you are making inside yourself. 

These are decisions that are stopping you from moving forward.


I’ve created this assessment to help you see how much of a *Play It Safe* Bargain you are currently making with Social Inhibition.

For nearly 25 years I PLAYED IT SAFE in my life, even as a Risk Taker and Go Getter.

I fully understand the Challenge and know that it is real my friend!

I overcame it starting with Awareness so I’m Thrilled to GIFT you that opportunity.

If I were to be totally honest, I have a hard time participating in conversations and social events, example at Conferences and/or when Networking:

I feel shy, nervous or embarrassed when talking to colleagues or coworkers that I don't know well?

I prepared for my talk but when it came time to give it I choked. I just wouldn’t allow myself to shine?

In middle/high school or college you desired to run for office or something else but you didn’t?

The basketball has been tossed to you (often). You:

Your talent is diminishes when you get in front of people and display it even though you don’t want it to.

You’ve always wanted to cheer. Try-outs are starting this week for next year”s cheerleading squad and you really really want to join the squad. You: