1. Set Yourself Up for Success

Discover where you are… where you are starting from. Get clear on your desires, Set intentions and Establish your Vision.

2. Become Aware of the Past Programming that Created Your “ME” Package

Begin the liberating journey of unlocking the Mysteries of Yourself using my Self Audit Process. 

3. Understand Who You Are Being Right Now

See what’s going on behind the RESULTS you are experiencing in your life. See how you are keeping your life small, Uncover the unconscious choices you’ve been making and Reveal the hidden agreements you are secretly keeping.

4. Understand Who You Really Are

You are a One-of-A-Kind Brilliant Genius. Start to get back in touch with your Powerful Core Self. Reset Mindset, integrate spiritual/universal laws, break from identification with illusions and use new information to change your beliefs AND your perception.

5. Transmute the Energy…Begin Using Your Personal Power More Skillfully

Surface and clear limiting beliefs, change the hidden agreements and rules you exposed, reveal misconceptions, remove energy blocks.  Address toxic thoughts, emotions and attitudes.

6. Setup Self Supporting Systems So that You Maintain and Expand

Learn my 10 Keys to Self Connection. Make yourself a priority. Strengthen boundaries. Get support.

7. Establish Real Solutions to Manage Change and Handle Triggers

Step into Action and apply your new self and new skills to your current life situations.