I’m excited for you. 

You’ve made a powerful choice to become more aware of the decisions that you are making inside yourself. 

These are decisions that are stopping you from moving forward.


I’ve created this assessment to help you see how much of a *Play It Safe* Bargain you are currently making with People Pleasing.

For nearly 25 years I PLAYED IT SAFE in my life, even as a Risk Taker and Go Getter.

I fully understand the Challenge and know that it is real my friend!

I overcame it starting with Awareness so I’m Thrilled to GIFT you that opportunity.


I can feel when other people are uncomfortable?


When I feel the uncomfortableness in people:

When I fail somebody or disappoint someone I feel:

When I give in and do what I don't want to do I:

When someone makes me mad or hurts my feelings I:

About saying NO:

I hate upsetting people. I hate telling people that I can’t do something for them.

Here are my thoughts about, “With every relationship there is compromise.

Sometimes when people ask me if I want to go somewhere and do something, I really don’t want to but I:

[This is just a STORY that would symbolize what you most likely would do? Be Honest]

You bus tables at a Restaurant and you just finished cleaning your co-worker Kim’s section.  Now with a heavy tray full of dishes, you are just about to go through the kitchen doors to put them away and you see Kim approaching. You:

What Are You Most Likely to Do?: