I’m excited for you. 

You’ve made a powerful choice to become more aware of the decisions that you are making inside yourself. 

These are decisions that are stopping you from moving forward.


I’ve created this assessment to help you see how much of a *Play It Safe* Bargain you are currently making with The Opinion of Others.

For nearly 25 years I PLAYED IT SAFE in my life, even as a Risk Taker and Go Getter.

I fully understand the Challenge and know that it is real my friend!

I overcame it starting with Awareness so I’m Thrilled to GIFT you that opportunity.

How true is this statement for you, “It’s more important to fit in and be liked?”

When you're inspired with an idea for a new Product or Service You:

Your product is ready to be marketed but not perfect, you:

You’re normally a jeans, t-shirt and no-makeup kind of girl but tonight when you go out you are going to:

A position just posted for a job that you want and you would like to post for it but:

While you loved art and being creative as a child, some people in your life expressed that art is a hobby not a job. So you: degree with a secure job at the end of it.

When buying gifts shopping for others I:

I find myself saying I’m sorry often?

Running your home-based business allows you flexibility, creative self expression and freedom and a great income. However, one aspect isn’t so fun…client complaints. When someone complains you?