Question: I’m A People Pleaser Because That’s What The Bible and Jesus Teach?

  Really? Well, I don’t think Jesus was a People Pleaser, at least not a very good one. In fact, people disliked him so much that they shouted crucify him and had him nailed to a cross. And when he turned those tables over in the market place, that...

You Have a Right to Keep Toxic People Out of Your Life

You have a right to keep toxic people out of your life and to live in peace. If you know someone isn’t good for you to be around and you place yourself around them, there are real consequences to that. No you aren’t at fault for what they are doing but if you take...

3 Steps to Increase How You Trust Yourself and Your Judgments by 50% in 30 Days

I’m not a people pleaser any more, I had to learn to how to be true to myself so I could stand to live in this world.   It took many years and quite a few success and failures to finally figure out how to trust my judgments and myself and in the next few minutes...
Final Day & A GiveAway

Final Day & A GiveAway

It's the last day of the Challenge and I've got a GiveAway for you. As mentioned in the 31 Days seen here Click This Link I'm a Business Major, Marketing to be exact at the University of Central Florida and a business owner. As such, working...

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