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An Interview with Lana

Tell me about a defining moment in your life.

A defining moment in my life was when I was 18 years old and at a Church Camp on Catalina Island, California. On the way to the bonfire that night I had decided that I was going to end my life.

The plan was that as we campers made our way back to our cabins, I was going to take myself down to the ocean and drown myself.

How you ask would I be able to steal away from a crowd unnoticed and do this?

It’s because I was INVISIBLE…that’s what the pain was. I could be surronded by a crowd of people and feel totally ALONE. No matter where I went or what I did, people didn’t see me. If they did see me, they seemed to quickly dismissed me or worse tolerate me and I was tired of this.


I was tired of feeling INADEQUATE tired of feeling isolated, tired of feeling defective.  AND I was even more tired of having this knowing deep within myself that my life was meant for so much more…and not being able to reach that potential.

You see, I was driven and opportunity focused even way back then. I knew what I wanted but I just couldn’t achieve it.


It was FRUSTRATING to live this way and I just wanted to end the SHAME of BEING ME.

I was sad and deeply disappointed in my self. In my inability to produce results and make friends. All that I had tried before failed and this Church Camp was supposed to be my big break!…

It DIDN’’T Happen!!!

So what stopped me?


My youth leader noticed me and asked me, “What’s the matter?” At first I wasn’t going to tell her. We’d already been through this… and I was at this camp because we strategized that this would be an opportunity for me to break the cycle of not fitting in and the production of incompletes in my life.

But then I thought, “What’s the harm, it’s all going to be over in a little while anyway, and I won’t face their judgments anymore anyway, what harm can it do?”

I shared and at the time I was sharing the group started to be led in the song “You’ve Got A Friend.” She asked me to listen to the lyrics and began to sing to me.

Prior to her singing and during my walk up to the bonfire there was a war going on inside me. I could literally feel the wrestling of two distinct forces, one that was hopeless and another that was hopeful. It was surreal.

However, the deciding factor was me and I had committed to the idea of ending my life so it was settled…unpeacefully.

Even so, I could SEE the hopeful force RELENTLESSLY fighting and surrendering no ground.

While she was singing to me, I felt and connected with her love for me, I hadn’t felt this kind of love touch since my mother died over 7 years ago and I changed my mind.

The war inside me instantly stopped and immediately a peace came over me. I clung to that peace and followed its leading by allowing it to direct my thoughts, feelings and my actions for the rest of that night.

The next day, I made a genuine friend without struggle and had one of the best days of my life!!!

Fast forward to today, now I take my experiences of overcoming bondage to a poor self image, ending the pattern of failing to produce desired results and transforming very personal and devastating losses into a Coaching Practice that helps others get Free 2 Thrive.

I absolutely love bringing together my natural intuitive abilities, life experiences, and spirituality with an extensive training in human growth and potential to help others be Happily Uniquely Themselves.


How did you discover life coaching?

From the radio; now that I know how the Universal Laws and Principles work I realize that I attracted the awareness of Life Coaching to me. I had been pondering the question of what gifting and abilities I was born with and what career path I could choose to use these in. I had made a decision in my heart that I was going to find out what I was good at and pursue that. My friends and others I’d known had recognizable talents like singing, administrative skills and mathematics – one was studying to become a math teacher and another was an accountant.

I now know that my gifts were not easily identifiable. I didn’t recognize my gifts as a talent. I didn’t see how having the repeated experience of complete strangers telling me their hidden secrets moments after meeting me was a particular gift, it just happened so often that I came to accept it.

Nor did I recognize how often I heard statements like, “Wow… I never thought of it like that!” or “Thanks that answers the question I had.” “I hadn’t looked at it like that before,”  or “I’m glad I talked to you I feel so much better.” These were the results of the everyday normal conversations I had with people. It happened so regularly and was so normal and common that I didn’t see my ability to deeply listen and impart enlightened solutions as a special ability.

So I was listening to the radio as I was driving in to work one day right before Sept 11 and a commercial came on introducing Life Coaching.

The announcer asked a series a questions and I was able to answer them all in the affirmative, Yes. I still remember how excited I was to discover that there was a Professional use for my natural talents of listening and asking questions and I could now  recognize these gifts just like I had my friends… Yeah!!!  I’d actually been doing this for years.

I eventually got my coaching certification and started my Company – Free 2 Thrive Coaching, LLC and now have great fun and joy helping others get Free from their Self Imposed Prisons.

Who do you coach?

I  work with people who know they aren’t living up to their potential and are frustrated with repeating experiences that they don’t want. I enjoy helping people who have lost connection with themselves realign with free their “true self.” They end the struggle with powerlessness, find clarity, and disable the resistance to achieving the changes they desire in their life. My ideal client wants to reconnect with themselves, break through barriers, stop self defeating cycles in the personal, professional and social lives and be happy and free again.

Do you have a Specialty?

Yes, as a Self Recovery Mentor I specialize in healing people’s relationship with themselves. I am an expert at surfacing the resistant hidden blocks that prevent you from living up to your potential, cause you to hide yourself and play small and repeatedly produce the string of incompletes in your life. I am also skilled at empowering you to navigate crisis and use trauma as a tool for growth using my 7 Step System.

I also am personally experienced with verbal abuse (non physical domestic abuse) and understand how disorienting, disintegrating and crazy making it can be and how frustrating it can be to find help. I have fully recovered myself -meaning that I am free of the emotional baggage and mental hang ups that resulted from the abuse and have returned back to the person I was before I entered into that relationship.

I was able to get back to being at choice, the point where we get our power back and from this place of being I am able to be the one causing things to happen to me instead of just responding to events circumstances and situations that happen to me.

How do you coach and how are you different from other coaches?

I personally understand the many ways that people secretly undermine themselves, habitually resist change and deceive themselves into thinking they have “dealt” with the issue. Truth is, if it’s recurring, it hasn’t been dealt with.

And not to sound redundant but, I have overcome terrible bondage to a poor self image and transformed very personal devastating losses (my mother’s death while we were on vacation, my sister’s untimely unexpected death, my father’s death, and other painful experiences.)  and now brings together my natural intuitive abilities, life experiences and deep faith in God with an extensive training in human growth and potential to help her clients be self aware, confident and powerfully effective.

I’m the creator of the Let Yourself Be Great 7 Step System that helps liberate you from your past so that you can really own their life and be Free so that you Can Thrive!

I am so happy to say that my clients finish what they start, step into their power and go after their dreams, break free from toxic relationships, heal old wounds, discover happiness and take away lifelong tools and techniques to use throughout their lives. The benefit of working with Lana is that her experiences and learning, significantly shorten your time of struggle and save you money.

You become free to thrive so that you can live a life of no regrets and are completely satisfied being uniquely yourself.

I am also trained and certified as an Energy Leadership Coach, it’s a process that uses energy to facilitate change.

We are a self-governed and thought affected energy system that is equipped with all the answers we will ever need for our life and we possess the power to fulfill our purpose and achieve our dreams, desires and wishes.

You literally have the ability to make changes in yourself and in your life in an instant. You just need to know how to use this power and remove the energy blocks that stop it.

In my journey back to me I acquired an immense amount of knowledge, abilities and skills and have created a 7 Step Proprietary System that encompasses what I used that actually worked*, along with my Energy Leadership Coaching processes and the great new discoveries of today. The beauty of it is that this information and tools will work for anyone.

Do You Customize? 

Yes, I customize my coaching and use of my Let Yourself Be Great 7 Step Proprietary System to the unique needs of each of my clients and we get crystal clear on where they are right now. Success of any kind in your life is really about awareness and understanding.

If you don’t know clearly where you are (where you are starting from), there’s no point of even talking about or getting supplies to take you where you want to go, your point of reference is skewed. And if you don’t understand how to read the results in your life and your transform past history you wind up going in circles and frustrating yourself with all the “help” you are getting to live the life you were created for.

Once we know where you are starting from them we begin the process of clearing out all the junk that has prevented you from getting where you want to be.

What types of personalities do you work best with?

Two (2) things, people who are Willing and Able. Willing to do the work required (yes, there is work in the sessions and homework) and Able to be present, open-minded, teachable and take courageous and decisive action.  Someone with this mindset is ready to come into a coaching relationship with me and do the work and will accomplish their goals.

Who is not an ideal client for you?

I will not work with someone who won’t accept 100% responsibility for their life. This is something we all have to do. Accepting responsibility for everything that is in your life and that has happened in your life doesn’t mean that the other person is off the hook and not accountable for their actions but that you take ownership of your life experience and take the actions that are necessary for you.

And of course be respectful, I won’t tolerate disrespect.

What is expected of me as a client?

Show up and be present with a positive attitude. Play full out in the coaching sessions, act on inspired ideas and answers and complete assignments on time.

OK, Lana, I know we are a good fit and I would like to get started, but I have some questions.

Great, I’d love to talk to you. If you have not already done so, please contact me by clicking here or calling 321-276-4198 or email We will schedule our get acquainted phone call and this is where you can ask me any other questions that you have and where I can see if I can help and determine the best program for you.

I feel that your coaching is right for me but I don’t have any extra money?

Don’t give up, you have options.  Virtually all of us have been there at one point in our lives.  I take credit cards and I offer payment plans.  Let’s talk and go over your options. We can still come up with a plan that will support your goals.


See you on the call!

Lana McMurray