You Have a Right to Keep Toxic People Out of Your Life

by | Oct 5, 2017 | Self Growth

You have a right to keep toxic people out of your life and to live in peace.

If you know someone isn’t good for you to be around and you place yourself around them, there are real consequences to that.

No you aren’t at fault for what they are doing but if you take yourself away from the situation you won’t experience the consequence…you get me.

Bottom-line: no one is coming to rescue you or they would have done so by now. You have to rescue yourself. And you start by taking full responsibility for your life and choosing how your life is going to be and walking that out.


Every aspect of your life is based on your choice. It is what makes your life what it is. You create the life you want to live through the power of your conscious choice. 

When you make a choice, that choice is a contractual agreement. An agreement with real world consequences that will be experienced in your life. 


Here are two thoughts you can take to use to help you make better choices that are aligned with your self respect

  1. If you are involved with a toxic person and you are struggling with letting them go, choose this thought, ” If they want you, they will change themselves, by their own will power, you won’t need to nag or threaten them.”
  2. This “current situation” is simply a life experience with valuable information within it. The good news is that your experiencing this gives you the opportunity to get those lessons that your environment is attempting to teach you so that we can grow and move on. 


Awareness is where your growth comes from and life is a school.

Next week I will share 12 Keys that will help you begin taking ownership of yourself and your life. These are the keys I found to be instrumental with my self recovery. 

AGAIN, Taking responsibility for yourself doesn’t mean that things are your fault.
What it means is that you get to choose what you want in your life and whether you want to continue to get what you’ve been getting in your life or make a change.

You are the director, this is your movie. You pick the actors, you write the schemes, set the plot, choose the location. Got it? 

You can do this!



If you find you need help, I’m available to talk and see how I can help. I am able to help you uncover your reason for people pleasing am sure I could help you.

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