FREEDOM BLOG CHALLENGE: DAY 1 My Challenge To Freedom #10DBC #freedomplan

by | Sep 15, 2016 | Challenge

This blog post is in response to Nathalie’s 10 Day Freedom Blog Challenge

It’s Day 1 of the Challenge and my task is to honestly share 2-3 of my biggest challenges and why I think they are holding me back. 

Holding me back from what? From living a life of Freedom.

First of all let me express what my idea of Freedom is as it pertains to this Challenge and why I took it up.

Nathalie is what I call a Freedom Based Entrepreneur. She travels the world on purpose gaining beautiful experiences while earning the money to do so. So yeah, I’d like to learn from her how to do this.

Freedom is in my Company Name (Free 2 Thrive) so it’s a vitally important value for me.



So here’s it goes to being vulnerable.

In the past 7 years two of my children have struggled with Mental Illness. Prior to learning the truth about Mental Illness you would have never caught me discussing it in public due to the stigma.

However, now I know that it is no different than someone having diabetes. It’s a BRAIN DISORDER and not a moral depravity or a character deficiency.

Experiencing this illness cost me. Financially, Emotionally/Mentally, Energetically.

Let’s just say I was floored by it and am now just getting back up on my feet.

The sadness of watching someone you love suffer through bi-polar, borderline personality, depression, anxiety and panic attacks is demoralizing. The dreams that have to be let go. The loss, such loss.

The cost to figure out what is happening and then get treatment is so very expensive.

What’s holding me back now is the catch-up. Catching up on bills that went unpaid because of the need to Rob Peter to Pay Paul and the tiredness that comes from that.

And there’s still the reality that unless God heals you, this disorder doesn’t just go away or play nice with what you planned for your life.

Today there are still major interruptions and disappointing hurdles to climb as I refocus myself and get back to making my business a success.

My business, this business – Free 2 Thrive Coaching LLC is what I was born to do. I am credibility and skillfully equipped to help others GROW through their Relationship with Themselves, Relationship with Others and Relationship with their Creative/ Entrepreneurial Endeavors. 

My ability to remain consistent is consistently challenge and yes I get tired of this. I also tend to never tell anyone everything I am going through so I carry a lot of the burden alone.

But I’m deciding tell others and to allow myself to ask for help and accept it. 

What I’m going to do…What I always do, NEVER GIVE UP.

Which is why I decided to take on this challenge. 





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