What is the People Pleasing Personality Disorder?

by | Sep 7, 2016 | People Pleaser, Q&A Series

Question:   What is the People Pleasing Personality Disorder?




I’m no Professional Expert on the condition of People Pleasing but I am an Experienced Expert on being a People Pleaser.


I also know that you can Google People Pleaser and find those experts who will give you the clinical explanation and text book definition of what People Pleasing is.

Since you can get that from them, I choose to give you a former sufferer's answer to that 

For certain, It can feel like a disorder that you are born with.

But it’s not. It’s a Learned Behavior.

Hey now, don't fret. It's important that you also know that there’s not a thing wrong with wanting to please people.

It’s when you neglect or deny yourself because you are afraid of what will happen if you don’t give 
people what they want that is the problem.

I can tell you that there’s a misunderstanding going on inside of yourself that is causing you to People Please.

For me, it was mainly 2 things. 
1. Not knowing that I was a Highly Sensitive Person and 
2. My ability to be very Resilient.


I could detect the uncomfortableness in people, sometimes even before they did,  and I wanted to spare them this pain. 

So I’d say Yes, or tolerate disrespect and rudeness because I knew it was coming from a place of 

I knew I’d be O.K. so I didn’t confront people like i should have immediately.

This turned into a very bad habit for me that encouraged others to take advantage of me.

Further more, all the while I was People Pleasing, I was hating EVERY SECOND of it.

So this couldn’t have been a natural way for me to be.

After finally learning to choose ME over them, I came to understand that I did not have a disorder but a condition I taught myself to have.

Maybe this explanation might be too simplistic or unlearned for some, but I’m not suffering from 
People Pleasing anymore when it was a Major Major stumbling block for me for over 20 years.

And if I learned to overcome it, so can you.


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