2016 is here and that’s awesome but it’s good for us to take a moment and look back over the previous year to recognize and acknowledge what we enjoyed.


Why? Because it puts you in a state of gratitude.


Let’s be real. Last year might not have been great.


So to help neutralize those negative feelings so they don’t interfere with what you are attempting to create in 2016, step into the vibration of gratitude by looking at what did enjoy last year.


This will help you set the tone for a fresh start in 2016.


Benefit: A spirit of gratitude has a highly abundant vibrational frequency to pull in your blessings.


Today I’m sharing some of my 2015 favorites.


Let me know in the comments below if we share an interest and/or what your favorites were in 2015.


And remember, sharing will help you reach your 2016 goals and make you feel so much better today. 






Just call me a hopeless romantic, I guess? I  LOVE the whole aspect of interpersonal relationships. As such, I enjoy watching the evolving relationships in The Bachelor/Bachelorette. It is magnificently displayed in these shows. Plus, all those sexy men on The Bachelorette’s Season, yeah girl!





Betheny, must I say more? I’m impressed with her. I am encouraged by Betheny’s fearlessness and vulnerability. She is impartial, DOES NOT People Please nor does she let anyone shame her into anything even when she is very vulnerable. I also like the vibe of the N.Y. ladies because they are movers and shakers. As an entrepreneur myself, I feel empowered when I watch this show.





My FAVORITE! I guess it’s the Californian in me. Now these ladies “really” do have the money that they portray themselves to have. I LOVE the addition of Lisa Rinna, previously from Days of Our Lives and Eileen Davidson of the Young and the Restless. Glad Brandy is gone. This group has the best marital relationships of all the Housewives Franchise, with the exception of Yolanda, however, her marriage to David was new. Kyle and Lisa V are my fave. I want my own Mauricio! Enjoy this so much!





I started my Real Housewives addiction with this one. One weekend I caught a rerun and ended up binge watching every episode. Have been an avid viewer until this year. It’s Meh! now. Don’t like the new cast, chemistry or life experiences. Boring. Heather I like but not so much the others. Vicki, I’m hot and cold about. She’s so disloyal and Tamara is mean …girl don’t tell her nothing! Gretchen was hella cool, wish she’d come back, it would be interesting to observe her as she grows her businesses.  Again…it’s the entrepreneur in me that likes watching others build their business in their real lives. I didn’t even watch The Reunion.







thelast-shipTHE LAST SHIP

The Captain. Let me say it again. The Captain. He is so fine! Ok, the show is really good too. It’s suspenseful and there ia a new impossible problem to solve on each episode. I personally like solving puzzles. This reminds me of the original Las Vegas CSI when it first aired. So enjoy this show and it left off with a problem..surprise surprise. Trouble will be a brewing when it returns.




OnceuponatimeONCE UPON A TIME

Reminds me of having a Bedtime Story read to me each episode. Sooo clever how they weave the characters together and give them such a rich back story. So fun to see how they knew each other in Fairy Book Land. Very good indeed!





This was my ride or die until this year. It’s taken a weird turn. I don’t like Olivia as a home wrecking hoe, taking a married man away from his family and displacing her in the White House while the President is in Office…come on, don’t insult my intelligence. I’m TEAM JAKE!  Maybe even Team Millie now.





Very much a new favorite. I thought the show would be about women mistresses so I didn’t want to watch it but it’s not. It’s about relationships. (and you know how I like me some Interpersonal Relationships). The story lines are realistic. The blonde girl is really really good, never seen her act anywhere before.





Oh yeah! History and the Bible. As a kid, the Disney Cartoon version of Sleepy Hollow was a long awaited treat in November/October. I’ve always been fascinated about the story of Icabod Craine. This shows takes it further bringing a rich tapestry of events that have really occurred and weaving them into a modern dooms days puzzle with actual biblical events that must be solved. Heard it is not being renewed. So sad.




FAVORITE: Honorable Mentions

TheStrain_175x233THE STRAIN

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! I’d be all up in this joint if I actually had television. I watch t.v. on Hulu Plus or Youtube. I’ve not been able to catch the new season. I loved Season 1. Now this is weird because I hate watching or hearing any blood sucking. I turn my head and cover my ears on those parts. It’s a horror/mystery show.



fear-the-walking-dead WalkingDeadTHE WALKING DEAD & FEAR THE WALKING DEAD

YASS! I will get Netflix or television just to catch up on these bad boys. I did start watching them and LOVE.

As a kid, ZOMBIES were the one thing that (and demon spirits) that terrified me. Zombies in particular would leave me feeling hopeless. I mean, how can you escape undead people who won’t die and want to eat you? There’s no where to run, rest, – no safe place to be. I’d feel so exhausted after watching a Zombie Movie. These are suspenseful and heartwarming.




Another show I started binge watching this year and have to catch up in Seasons. I’m on Season 2. Wow…Washington is F*up (excuse my French, but no other word would suffice). If that is what “really” happens we’re doomed. Thank God there IS a God in heaven.




minority-reportMINORITY REPORT

Good, not great…in my opinion but good enough for me to make sure I watch every new episode. I looked forward to watching this on Friday Nights on Hulu after it aired the day before. The story was just starting to get good. I hear they are not bringing it back. Happy for Meagan Good and the success she is having in her career. I loved this story from the movie with Tom Cruise. This show takes it further with us getting to know the precooks, who are the three (3) beings that predicted crimes.







Star Wars is my favorite movie of life. It was a movie my mother, RIP, insisted that our family see. I don’t recall asking to see it. I didn’t really know what it was.  However, once I did finally get in the theatre and watched it I was sold. I still remember how transfixed I became within the first 5 seconds and how I was mesmerized I remained until the end and how the theatre erupted thunderous clapping when Han Solo surprised Luke in the end and they blew up the Death Star and how every one felt elated when they were awarded the Medals of Honor in the end. Yeah, we were left begging for more. It was a real treat to see this when it opened, magical indeed.

It took us 2 attempts to see it. On the first attempt to view this movie we waited outside in a long line only to be turned away hours later because as the line moved up to get in to the next showing, the movie sold out before we could purchase tickets. There were no pre-purchased tickets back then. We tried it again the next day, again… another long long line. So long in fact that we (my mother, sister, brother and I) sat down to eat in a Mexican Restaurant while my father held our place in line. I love all of the first 3 movies and have watched them over 50 times, yes!

So did I like The Force Awakens? Oh Yeah…I did. Love it. Soooooo glad it was not like the prequels. I am not a fan of those. But this new installment gives me the same warm and fuzzy feelings as the Original and I’m looking forward to the next one in 2016. Rey is Luke’s daughter and probably Obiwan’s grand daughter…just saying.

So in like fashion, I bought tickets months in advance for my family to see the New Star Wars before it came out in Theatre’s. Here we are just coming out of the movie at 4:54 a.m. in the morning. And Yes, there was a line. But I have to tell you. Watching this movie with avid fans can’t be beat. They are excited and giddy and get every nuance. The vibration was ripe with appreciation for Star Wars and the crowd responded with perfect timing to every feature that only a Star Wars geek would get.





Pics of the Fans.






I liked but didn’t love the 1st Jurassic Park, at least not as much as others, including my daughter. Let’s admit it, Steven Spielberg does produce excellent work so it was good but this one…Jurassic World, I really enjoyed. It had me gripping the seat of my chair. TMI alert: I had to pee…but I wouldn’t because I didn’t want to miss anything, the story was that good.






I am a High Sensation Seeker and Thrill Junkie. Love my Super Heroes and Avengers doesn’t disappoint. Always enjoy seeing this team in action.






Tommy…yes, I am a BIG fan of Tom Cruise. And being the adrenalin junkie that I am, the Mission Impossible Brand of entertainment is right up my alley. I’ve truly enjoyed the last 2 MI films. Amazed that he does those stunts.






Here’s another I had no clue about. Did not read the books. Must say I was hooked from 1st movie. Enjoyed the story, drama and humanity in these films. Now this final installment had me scratching my head kind of like…hmm. I think I need to see it again. So glad Philip Seymour Hoffman was in them all. Loved his acting gift, sad he’s gone.








I didn’t get the chance to see this one. I really really like James Bond, especially this Bond. I will see it. Probably will buy it without even seeing it, that’s how much I like the series with him in it. This probably would have made my favorite list if I had.






I did see this and as much as I love Terminator 2, this one was okay. I miss James Cameron directing these movies. Only he can get the depth of story right. The others tried but missed the mark. It was a good effort, entertaining but no Oscar. Loved Arnold coming back.






Wow…I didn’t read the books or listen to anyone talk about the books. Went into this one blind. Had no real idea what to expect. At one point I was like, WT@*! I knew it was sexual but not that explicit. However…I must say, I’m not mad at you Mr Grey. I wouldn’t mind having someone exhaust me like she was when he carried her out of “that” room. Just saying..and ladies you know you agree with me. (stop blushing, lol!)




Another I wanted to see but didn’t in 2015. My youngest and I watched the 1st one. I had no knowledge of this series until my youngest read all the books and announce they were making movies out of them and wanted to see them. So we did and it was really good. We will see the Scorch Trials soon.





Furious7FURIOUS 7

I missed this one too. I watched Furious 6, one of the few I’d seen. I saw the first one then don’t really recall watching any others but Furious 6 caught my eye. I enjoyed it. I liked how it ended so I will be seeing Furious 7 also soon. RIP pretty blue eyed Paul Walker.




If you know me well then you know, then you are well aware that I like me some wine.
If you don’t know me yet, you will learn that I enjoy wine.
Not to get drunk with but to experience.
Absolutely love tasting different wines and I’ve been told that I have quite a good palette and can pick the very good wines.
I typically don’t drink the same wine(s) over and over again, but often tend to try out different kinds each time. I’m adventurous like that.
Here are my faves that I actually repurchased several times in 2015 or before and would buy in a heartbeat without thinking, they are that good and not that expensive:




G1Smart Cookie Red Blend California $11.99

SmartCookiewineCalifornia- Aromas of freshly baked double chocolate cookies. Dense, filled with juicy dark blackberries and vanilla. Lively and structured tannins on the finish. Irresistible, tender treat that goes on, and on, and on…

Concentrated . Juicy . Chocolate . Blackberry . Medium-bodied

They have a white wine version too that is delicious. I typically drink reds. Everyone that I’ve turned on to this likes it a lot.


G2Cloud Break Pinot Noir $8.99

CloudbreakPinotCalifornia- The Cloud Break Pinot Noir has charming aromas of raspberry and strawberry with notes of vanilla. Oak aging rounds out the wine and gives it body. Flavors of fresh strawberry, cherry, and raspberry fill the palate. The wine is elegant and crowd pleasing. Great with Salmon.

Elegant . Strawberry . Cherry . Medium-bodied


G3Angeline Pinot Noir California $11.99

AngelinaPinotCalifornia- A great value Pinot Noir from California, that tastes like Pinot! A blend of vineyards from Mendocino, Sonoma Coast, the Russian River Valley and Santa Barbara. The palate is full with flavors of strawberries, raspberries and cherry cola, finishing with tea and spice.

Fresh . Strawberry . Raspberry . Medium-bodied


G4Elderton Friends Shiraz Barossa $19.99

EldertonShirazBarossa, Australia- Displaying both power and refinement, this juicy Shiraz starts off seductively earthy, then turns to glorious crushed berries and chocolate, with hints of plums and vanilla. Aged 8 months in oak, with 5% Mourvedre added for a silky, spicy texture.

Intense . Berry . Mocha . Plum . Full-bodied

I took a bottle of this with me on my Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas.


G5Il Duca Rosa Imperiale $13.99

StellaNovaPiedmont, Italy- Produced primarily from the Brachetto grape, this sweet yet crisp red wine has fresh strawberry and red berry flavors with a light, natural carbonation. A refreshing red wine to be served chilled and accompanied by fresh fruit and cheese.
Sweet . Red Berry . Strawberry . Light-bodied
 Run to get this. Ask for Stella Rosa.
Girl…(and boys)…you will drink this whole bottle all by yourself. It taste like champagne.   It’s a Sparkling Wine and is sweet but not too sweet, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears…It’s Just right!



 How about you, what did you enjoy in 2015? Share in the comments below.



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