To start on the path of restored confidence in trusting yourself, you first need to realize that the concept of TRUTH evokes a lot of chatter.

It’s easy for me to speak from the viewpoint of christianity, as that is my faith and the life I have witnessed.

However, I am certain all faiths and {society in general} have misconceived beliefs, opinions and attitudes about one’s right to have their own truth.

There’s a great Resistance to you having a truth.

It’s selfish… it’s misleads you from God’s path… it’s wrong, stay away.

But if you don’t know your truth,

And as we learned in the previous post, (click here to read), If you don’t connect to your truth, your life will be a train wreck.

#Sickness, #Disease, #Abuse, #Tragedies, #Depression, #Anxiety, #Sadness, #Unhappiness, #Desperation,

The chastisement of your peace is the result of not knowing and owning your truth.

This plays out in your life and impacts everything in it.


  1. InstIlls bad habits like avoidance, procrastination and perfection paralysis. These create cycles of starting and stoping and never truly moving forward.
  2. Heavy Emotions such as shame and doubt, and guilt are companions of not being true to yourself.
  3. Lack of Confidence. You feel insecure, powerless and helpless and as such you are opposed to your own self.

See how you attack your own self when you don’t put yourself first?

I don’t know if it really is mind control that causes others to steer you away from being independent of them, but what I do know is that it is our job to become the magnificent creation God designed for us to be.

Being true to yourself is how you do it.

You’re going to have to become ok with being misunderstood.

You won’t be able to get people to see you the way you want them to without a fight.

They’ve become used to perceiving you in a certain manner so this reinvention of yourself will be challenged.

You’ll be able to stop People Pleasing because you’re no longer avoiding criticism.

The question becomes: How do I perceive myself?

And your new job will be To TEACH others to match your perception.

As you understand yourself, you’ll be able to influence others greater.

And then you won’t have to fight so much to be your True Self.

It’s work, but the rewarding Gains are so far greater than the Pains of staying the same.

Stay tuned for the final post in this series where I give you the strategies to put this in action.



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