Walt Disney Food & Wine Festival Adventures

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Food, LifeStyle, Travel, Wine

It all began with Wine Class…of course!

How could it not?

Wine is a Passion of mine and Pinot Noir has been one my most favoritest (is that a word?) wines for the longest time.

I intentionally selected the class about Oregon wines because of their exceptional ability to produce juicy grapey Pinot Noir.

Couple this with my thirst for learning and you have a Happy Girl. 




We tasted 3 wines and to my surprise, this vineyard got their start first creating Sparkling Wine, known as Champagne in France.

Now I have to be honest with you. I was disappointed in the volume of wine in my glass.

Let’s just say, the pour was rather sparse.

But quality of the wine made up for the little that was in my glass. The flavors were succulent and mouthwatering.

The flute holds the Sparkling wine, the middle glass Dry Reisling (which I first mistook for Chardonnay) and the 3rd glass holds the Pinot Noir, which wasn’t my favorite this time.

The Sparkling wine won, it was Phenomenal.

In the Willamette Valley, 2012 was a season of generosity, without sacrificing focus. In order to retain precision, 90% of the blend was fermented in stainless steel and only 10% fermented in neutral oak barrels, while none of the base wine parcels underwent malolactic fermentation. Yellow summer fruits, baked apple, and ginger spice up front, the mid-palate is creamy, concentrated and fleshy. The long finish is enlivened by mouth-filling volcanic structure and lively acidity.





Lone Star Vineyard has three separate blocks of Riesling totaling just under 7 acres of fruit, which amounts to less than 2% of our overall farming. Winemaking and blending is all about creating options and tools, so we have taken these three tiny blocks and cut them up into both stainless steel and neutral oak fermentations to give us more tools to play with. The stainless versions are left with a hint of residual sugar, which emphasize fresh, pure, round fruit while the neutral oak barrels are taken bone dry to bring the dichotomic elements of both mineral edge and subtle, creamy texture. The blending between these two styles across the three blocks of Riesling create an excitement and energy in the salvaries. Heavenly white nectarine, lime blossom, and silvery minerality. Break out the Costillas de Puerco!

In years like 2013, it pays dividends to have a warm, low-elevation growing site like we have in our Lone Star Vineyard. Southeast facing, at 250-400 ft. elevation, the fruit at Lone Star captures all of the early morning sunshine peaking up over the Cascades, leading to elegantly-concentrated Pinot Noir. On September 18th, facing the impending rain forecast, we dropped the hammer and initiated a concerted 2-day picking of our best blocks of Lone Star Pinot Noir fruit. The decision paid off, as the wine is now showing bright raspberry, spicy floral and black tea flavors, all woven into a rich, yet energetic frame. A mild grip of tannins is carried through a long, savory finish.

The Sommelier was informative. He’d been with the Argyle Winery for years and provided very enlightening facts.





After the wine class I stopped off at the wine shop and decided on this delicious red after speaking with Guest Sommelier for the Festival that day.



And Ghiradelli was handing out chocolates. Yum!



Next up was Beer.

Now when it comes to beer I get a little picky.

Beer drinking has not been my favorite.

My dad used to drink beer every day, Miller Lite I believe it was and I never understood that because I thought it tasted like piss, excuse my French, (I was under 12 years old).

I got the relaxation part.

He wasn’t an alcoholic, he just enjoyed having his beer at the end of the day.




I’ve grown to appreciate CRAFT beers though, you know those brewed for rich flavor.

My choice on this day turned out to be an exceptional one.

You see the menu below, there is the FUNKY BUDDHA.

That was my selection. The combination of Vanilla, and Espresso sounded delicious. And I’d had this brand before, they are really good.



Loving that Buddha…



This was a beer full of flavor. The espresso note blended beautifully with the malty richness and the top off  of vanilla was divine.



I’d gotten in line just in time, see how the crowds were starting lead out the door?



So I took my Funky Buddha and headed out to World Showcase to taste some food.

Awe…Australia doesn’t have a long line yet. Yes! Sweet and Spicy Bush Berry Shrimp had my name on it.



I was handed a fresh hot batch of spicy shrimp and veggies. I mean straight from the grill.



I took a bite of the veggies and a sip of the beer. Bang that combination of flavors exploded in my mouth.

If ever I cook this, I will pair it with this beer. It can hold it own to the intense flavors and it compliments it beautifully.

I’ve since looked for this beer at Total Wine and was told by the distracted sales girl that maybe they just make it for festivals?

You know me, I’ll be sure to go back and ask someone with authority how to get this beer into my house.

You have to tell me no several times before I stop pursuing what I want.



My next Country to explore was New Zealand.

I’d missed out on the  Mussels before because the first day I went to this Wine and Food Festival the line for New Zealand was like 2 hours long.

But not this day, just a 20 minute wait and boy was it.

Again, the food was fresh.

The chopped buttery garlic and succulent mussels were a winning combo. The breadcrumbs on top helped it not taste fishy…I’m still not the biggest fan of sea food.

So far this day I was batting at 100.



Menu for New Zealand. I see that Kim Crawford Pinot. If I go back, I’ll have to try this combination.

New Zealand


Off to explore more lands and food. It’s South Korea time.

Girl! Those ribs were good and that slaw was banging – crispy and vinegary. Sweet and salty goodness.


So Korea2


The Menu.



I took a break from touring the world to enjoy a Free Concert in the Park.

38 Special performed, yes the actual group and they sounded great.



So it’s starting to get later in the day and time for dessert.

What better place then Belgium? Belgium Waffles with Chocolate Granache  and Whipped Cream anyone?




I really really wanted to get that Belgium beer flight but I opted for the Stella Artois Cidre instead.

I’ve learned that Belgium style beers are the kind I like.



I’d buy a full size of these waffles, so yummy. The cidre was good too.

It paired well together.





Last stop Brazil. A 5 minute line…what?

This might have been my last stop but it was by far my favorite.





The Pork Belly, oh my larrrdd. So good. And the black beans were really nice.



My Journey came to an end. I met new friends and we enjoyed the concert together and I went home very happy.

Til next time.




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