Connect to your truth, what the heck does that really mean?

It sounds like something Woo Woo or New Agey doesn’t it?

I can personally tell you this, that having been born into a Christian household and raised in the the faith all my life, the idea of me having “my own” truth was hard for me to accept for years.

Just the thought of me being true to myself instantly bombarded me with the feeling of

 S-T-A-Y  A-W-A-Y

It felt wrong.

Like I was about to engage in tabu activity that would separate me from God.

For what do I know about truth?

There’s nothing good in me aside from Christ.

And how dare I trust myself!

I’m supposed to rely on God.

Yet how WRONG I was.

Not being true to myself had consequences, regardless of whether I was sincere or not.

Realities such as:

  • an emotionally abusive marriage
  • manipulation and control from others in relationships
  • Lack and Shortage of money and resources
  • Consistently never arriving at desired end goal

and the worst,

children struggling to thrive, which was the deepest sorrow that panged me all BECAUSE I didn’t OWN MY POWER.

Fortunately, I’m a Fighter and I crave to live an EXTRAOrdinary Life…so continuing on being the “good girl” and taking on losses was not going to cut it for me.

I did the following:

  1. I gathered my courage and chose to let myself SEE what was happening to me.
  2. Decided to take certain actions, even if they flew in the face of the core teachings I had come to fearfully respect.

And the result was Sweet Sweet Freedom and Growth.

I’m talking about the PEACE that passes all understanding. This allowed me to flourish.



During the time that I made this flip, I was deciding to leave my marriage.

All during the time before I made the decision, I was ignoring my gut instincts.  I’d had the desire flee, just runaway for years but I stayed in the relationship. As a result, all I gained during the time I stayed was failure and lack.

When I decided to TRUSTED MYSELF:

  • I got a good job with benefits making more money than my husband.
  • Got offered a very well running car while on vacation.
    • #1 This is significant because this car was my solace from the scorching Florida heat. My home had NO air conditioning and my ex had no intention of adding it any time soon. I’d enrolled my children in a Summer Program at our Community Park for the Summer to spare them from the heat. Now it was just me left at home with my precious friend who was preparing to homeschool her kids and was frequenting different stores to get the things she needed to prepare herself. She liked my company so she would pick me and baby Briana up and take us with her on errands. The car’s air conditioning was welcoming.
    • #2 That car never broke down whereas ours often did. We had one car, he used it to for work, I used my feet. I walked Everywhere. How timely that when I made the decision in my heart to leave my spouse, she tracked me down while I was in Pennsylvania for a graduation and asked me if I wanted to buy her car. She didn’t know why she was asking me this, just that she could not shake the feeling that she was to sell me her car. Even her own brother who had been seeking her to buy it was being overlooked.  She just couldn’t sell it to him. I never asked her to buy her car. What I did say within myself was, Lord – I really like (unnamed friend’s car). I’d like to have a call like it that is reliable with good working air. When she offered, I accepted and  I came up with the money to pay for it all on my own.
  • Was offered a practically paid for College Education where I graduate Summa Cum Laude (every grade an A – in Honors classes) with 4 kids and a job.
  • And the list of accomplishments goes on as a result of me Trusting Myself.

There was no DEVIL in it.

There’s GREAT GRACE in Trusting Yourself.

I allowed man’s idea of God to cause tradition’s to make the word of God of no affect.

My heart was sincere but I was wrong in ignoring myself.

Let’s be honest…was I really pleasing God denying the intuition that he gave me?

Never again.

Now I Own Myself.    

And now I help others stop this nonsense and still keep their hearts right before God.

I know from talking with many of you that you too crave an EXTRAOrdinary life.

You too want to be Courageous, Confident, Productive and Effective.

You want to feel Inspired and to Achieve.

So I’m going to show you how.

  2. Join me again for the next part of this series. Now part 2 and part 3 where I am going to tackle the lies you’ve swallowed about being True to Yourself. 

In the 2nd part of this post I will share information that will help you connect your heart and your mind more so you can get Free 2 Thrive.








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