You Will Never Be Problem Free another UnSexy Truth

Developing yourself personally does not end your problems.

Regardless of how much work you do on yourself, new problems will come up. You can’t stop that from happening.

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And… a funny thing happens when you decide you want to grow {sacarcasm}. Your subconscious activates its “lets not rock the boat programming.”

Circumstances, events, situations, people issues all begin to take place in your life that will interfere with your progress and they will seem soooo reasonable and convincing.

You will have experiences that exert pressure on you to stop, to wait, to get more information, to buy another “magic bullet,” a sure delay tactic.

Your internal saboteur will absolutely strive to keep you where you are by causing real world experiences to occur that tempt you to to get back in line with the status quo.

The UnSexy Truth is: Developing yourself personally does not end your problems.

[Tweet “The Unsexy Truth is: Developing yourself personally does not end your problems.”]

On the contrary, it can make your problems more noticeable or you more aware that problems exist.

So what do you do?        Answer: Accept what is and Have Faith.

Wishing things were different just creates resistance which spiritually calls more of the same PROBLEM to come into your life increasing your misery.

When you accept what is, you are acknowledging that you see the problem therby removing resistance.

FAITH: Be True to Yourself. Continue moving forward making your desired changes despite what external circumstances are happening to and around you. Trust that still small voice inside you, learn how to hear it and identify what “peace” is, it is not the same thing as relief.

Follow that peace, that’s God.

When you’ve signaled to the Universe, “I want to GROW.” and the Universe knows your are serious about it, your path will appear but obstacles too will present themselves.

And after you have made your changes, new problems will occur, but don’t despair, problems are just opportunities to GROW.

Life is a Journey, not a final destination. Enjoy the Adventures!

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Lana McMurray is the founder of Free 2 Thrive Coaching LLC. She is a Growing Certainty Coach for ambitious people trapped in all-too-ordinary lives. She helps entrepreneurs, creatives and business owners successfully navigate Uncertainty as they go through their unavoidable Journey of Growth. She understands the many ways that risk-taking, self starting people secretly undermine themselves and stop the growth process. She helps them stay True to Themselves so that grow into their extraordinary lives. 

She also personally knows that “Life can be Messy” and there is a unique difficulty in being an Entrepreneur, Creative or Business Owner who is seeking to to be “True to Themselves” and grow their lives and businesses but at home is dealing with toxic a relationship. As an overcomer of Verbal/Emotional Abuse, she helps them gain Clarity and make empowering decisions. To get your F*R*E*E Trainings and weekly Growth Support visit




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