Similar to the the belief that a Magic Bullet exist there also is the idea that a person holds the secrets and keys.

Daily, unscrupulous marketers prey on the weaknesses (capability gaps) of the struggling new Business Owner, Creative or Innovator. 

Those first years of entrepreneurship are really HARD!. 

And your desire to be the next overnight success or just to simply achieve can weaken your defenses to their fascinating pitch.

Gurus offer solutions and promises that can make your mouth salivate. 

The problem is that in the midst of their demonstration…

…they fail to tell you that you must go through the unavoidable journey of becoming to gain the ability to use the solutions and promises they are offering you.

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Little or No Effort Will Be Required

It’s not that all Gurus are evil or what they are offering is ineffective, it’s that they are sharing wisdom that they have gained from “doing the work” themselves. 

I’m not saying that the information they have to offer you won’t benefit you. 

It’s that you will need to raise your vibrational frequency to the level of their new ideas to fully implement their suggestions and strategies. 


Your subconscious programming seeks to maintain the status quo. 

It knows when new information is being introduced that will fundamentally change you. 

So what do you think it’s going to do.

You got it, fight you. 

Actually start a internal Civil War.

And what you do during these times is crucial.

Stay True-to-Yourself and see phenomenal growth and change.

selfmade prisonSelf-Betray and stay stuck in your self made prison. 

This endeavor to change can be another expensive thing that you tried and put back on the shelf.

Once again, money and time wasted.

To make this something you actually stick with it and fully implement, you have to raise your internal thermometer.

Of course you know that you have to change how you see yourself inside.

But you MUST know how to be powerful when that civil war inside you starts.

A power that can only be gained by the person doing the work. 

For even when you learn the Guru’s secrets, you won’t yet have the built in capability to work that knowledge.

It must be developed by self discipline and hard work and time.

Effort is required…another unsexy truth.

So the surest way to gain the leap they are promoting…

is from being able to stay true to yourself long enough to dig down to the wisdom inside you. 

Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgment. Proverbs 4:7

Being able to stay with yourself and see yourself through to Growth truly takes new capabilities. 

You see, Secrets, Tips and Strategies require capability. 

You probably know plenty of the tips, secrets and strategies already I bet, don’t you? 

You can learn them for free at the Library or the Internet.

So why aren’t they working their magic? 

You have to develop in capacity first and you need to utilize the power of focus. 

You have in your life right now everything you need to become what you desire to be, do and have.

You can’t see it though because you haven’t built the capability.

You have to activate the ability within you by successfully. 

You activate it when you go through your unavoidable journey of change. 

Helping you navigate through this journey is what I do as a coach.

Here’s a Self-Trust building strategy you can immediately:

Adopt the Bird in Hand concept and apply self discipline to move forward.

Bird in hand means using what you now have and know.

Benefit: Focusing on what you do have will keep you from psyching yourself out.

Reason: your thoughts are on what is possible and neutralizes the fear that you aren’t ready yet.

Also…what you do currently have is enough for the next step you need to take. 

Taking the time to “see” what you do have and “appreciate” what you do have ignites your SELF TRUST and reveals the next step you are to take. 

This is the wisdom from God and the Universe that operates on a spiritual system that is powered by FAITH.

As the Universe and yes I mean this system of spiritual laws that God put in place here on earth for us.

As it sees you using what’s already been given to you, it will reward you by showing you how to produce sustainable progress in your self. 

Things of value are created when you work for them and when you are appreciating what you have by using it you advance just like the Guru did who is sharing his knowledge with you. 

Sometimes another Program or Training is not what you need.

Before you prop down that money for the special person be prepared to know how to handle the in-between time of applying that information so that you will stick to it and get the results that are possible.

This is the second installment in a series Titled: Unsexy Truth of Personal Growth. Look for upcoming additions to the series soon.

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Lana McMurray is the founder of Free 2 Thrive Coaching LLC. She is a Growing Certainty Coach for ambitious people trapped in all-too-ordinary lives. She helps entrepreneurs, creatives and business owners successfully navigate Uncertainty as they go through their unavoidable Journey of Growth. She understands the many ways that risk-taking, self starting people secretly undermine themselves and stop the growth process. She helps them stay True to Themselves so that grow into their extraordinary lives. 

She also personally knows that “Life can be Messy” and there is a unique difficulty in being an Entrepreneur, Creative or Business Owner who is seeking to to be “True to Themselves” and grow their lives and businesses but at home is dealing with toxic a relationship. As an overcomer of Verbal/Emotional Abuse, she helps them gain Clarity and make empowering decisions. To get your F*R*E*E Trainings and weekly Growth Support visit



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