Along with a personal bodyguard you possess a personal Self Mastery key that also is at your service, the subconscious mind.

You subconscious mind is programmed by you. The self-doubt you are struggling with is composed of thoughts that you have come to believe about yourself due to your past experiences. When you believe a thought, it is accepted by your subconscious as truth and a program is created deep in your heart that makes that belief a reality for you a continual and automatic reality.

To stop this program you will have to delete it and replace it with something that serves you. You are the only one who thinks the thoughts in your head so you are the one who has to be careful about what you think, feel and accept as truth and you are the one with the power to change this.

Your subconscious is doing its job. It’s keeping you locked in to your comfort zone and creating confusion through situations, events and circumstances in your life so that you stay in indecision.

When you look at life through the prism of Universal Law and Principles things are really quite orderly. It all comes down to your consciousness, how you view things and the meaning you give to them.

Here are 3 easy steps you can follow today to build confidence.

1. Step one Identify a Challenge

Reality Check – what’s the whole story? Are you over reacting or making it out to be more than it is. Were you really destroyed by what you experienced? Have others experienced this and lived?

Acknowledge what has happened to you and Release – Befriend it. What you resist persists.

2. Step two Identify the ideal goal

What is self-doubt stopping you from obtaining? What do you want?

3. Step three Come up with strategies – Gain experience by confronting your fears and taking risks. You could jump and Feel the fear and do it anyway or take baby steps, the choice is yours. Don’t demand perfection of yourself.

Here are some effective techniques to use.

Example of Strategies: Set AIM SMART GOALS, Take baby steps, Schedule time each day to work on building your faith, Act as if, Get support – connect with God/Spirit and powerup. Join a support group or enlist the help of a trusted friend or family member for accountability and objectivity.

Decide on a tactic – go and do it.! You get Confidence when you take the risk. The fear you feel about taking action is just an illusion of your mind – you will gain strength not crash and burn.

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