You’re a talented, ambitious, extraordinary, self-starting woman who somehow allowed yourself to get trapped into ‘an all-too-ordinary’ life. Come Out of Hiding.



These words echo in your heart and mind, “I need people, desperately, but I hate them too.” Right?…because being in relationships has been tough on you.


You’re driven, Creative, Innovative and Entrepreneurial. You get turned on by your work, well this is how you want to feel.

Is It OK to Set Boundaries?

As a a young  Christian, I struggled with the fear of man and feeling like a doormat. I was nice naturally, but many times I went out of my way to be nice out of a fear of abandonment.  Eventually I came to realize that this brought unwanted attention in the form of...

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Where’s Your Happy

“Toxic relationships are dangerous to your health; they will literally kill you. Stress shortens your lifespan. Even a broken heart can kill you. There is an undeniable mind-body connection. Your arguments and hateful talk can land you in the emergency room or in the...

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I released myself from the prison I had held myself in.

Kassie B

Before I worked with Lana I had a hard time making decisions and seeing my self-worth. I frequently experienced guilt and shame throughout the day.  I was a chronic people pleaser who took to heart what other people said about me and lived my life based on their perceptions.   I was also afraid of other people’s anger and feared standing up for myself because I didn’t want to be perceived as a stereo- typical angry black woman. In my sessions with Lana we uncovered the sources of my problems. We deconstructed the strongholds that had resulted from painful events, and I released myself from the prison I had held myself in.

I brought in more than $1,800 into my company and began working with 2 highly influential clients.

Ava Waits, Speaker, Sales Trainer, Entrepreneurship Mentor,

In a session with Lana, I told her that I had a very important phone call to make, which would probably lead to a large opportunity in my business. However, I was stalling on making the call because of some fears. Lana led me through an exercise that helped me to see the possible “pains” that I was avoiding by not making this phone call. I told her that I would make the phone call that evening, and I did, even though it required that I step out of another event. By making this one call, I brought more than $1,800 into my company and began working with 2 highly influential and fun clients.

I knew something wasn't right, but I didn't understand what was happening to me

Lisa McAllister, Michigan

Before I worked with Lana. I wasn’t sure what was going on in my marriage. I was very confused, hurt and felt alone. I knew something wasn’t right, but I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I didn’t get it.

As a result of our time together, I figured out what the “it” was. It was verbal abuse I had been experiencing. l will never allow or accept it in my life again!!  I’m growing healthier and strongereveryday. Lana has really helped me start the healing process.

Lana is able to balance her intuition, spirituality, and ||soft touch|| with practicality, honesty and ||toughness.||


Mikita Orosz, Weston, FL

Lana has a strong intuition that separates her from most of our fellow coaches. I like how she relies upon her intuition to guide you rather than logical/left brain thinking. This gives Lana the ability to make very insightful observations without judging. There is also a comfortable and yet direct manner in which Lana approaches people. I find that opening up to her and sharing personal things with her is very easy.

I now have a Plan and my back pain was eased!

Marjorie Schramm, Tampa, FL

A few years ago, I was approaching retirement with no plan.  I had some ideas but no direction.  That is when Lana and I began our sessions. She helped me to put on paper my ideas, wishes, and dreams. I was then able to see what it would take to set goals and the plan to see them become reality.

The most important thing I learned was that I had needed a life coach much earlier in my life! I had just drifted along with no plan to get where I wanted.  I just let life bring me along and hoped I would get what and where I wanted.

I felt listened to and safe to share!

Lori Tinsley, Atlanta, GA
It is easy to open up and share when speaking with Lana.  She has this knack for creating a safe environment so people feel comfortable being themselves.

She is a big confidence booster.  It was beneficial for me to discuss ideas with her because she always offered valuable feedback.  She did it in a way that made me feel very comfortable.


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